The Ultimate Keepsake, Photograph Bunting to Cherish.

Keepsake Photo Bunting

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This is the most special of all the buntings we make. A beautiful way to celebrate the first year; of life or a marriage, teenage years, the best moments, the poignant moments, the ones that touch your heart. All captured in fabulous colour in our photo bunting.

I made this for my daughter – the original Serafina – for her 18th birthday.

Photograph bunting showing all the special moments printed card and assembled as bunting.

Keepsake Photograph Bunting

I LOVED putting this together and can’t wait to do more for friends, family and for you. The process of searching through photos, the joy and the memories, and its not just happy memories but also as you come across a photo of a family member who is no longer here, or their lives changed beyond recognition. I think these are all positive memories, real and true, and all the more special and should be included. Life in all its glory… as Bunting!

Trying on dresses for her school prom

The photos don’t have to be perfect, or obvious as being suitable for the bunting. One of my favourite (below) is the capture of an epic sulk in a 5 year old.  We were on a trip to an Irish castle, a grand family trip to celebrate Granny’s 70th that included a stay at the wonderful Ballymaloe House, and I photographed my daughter standing 25metres away, arms furiously crossed, half hidden behind a wall, where she knew we could still see her.  When the bunting was up at her 18th birthday so many remembered the adorable strop that day.

Photograph Photo Birthday Printed Card Bunting

You’re all horrible and I will wait here until Mummy comes with hugs and kisses.

It’s not just the milestones and the big events, but also the photos that capture the charming moments and simple pleasures of childhood, the burgeoning character, the adored endlessly patient pets, the cheeky grin when caught raiding the fridge in their pyjamas, faces full of ice cream; all the sweet memories.

Dressed to look like a golf playing tourist, walking hand in hand with her father in the rain.

With Serafina’s bunting I used a font similar to Vogue magazine, in different colours to complement each photo.

Photograph Keepsake Bunting

Waiting with her snowball to catch her Daddy coming along the path…

If you would like some bunting it is an easy process, send us the photos by registered post, or images by email and let us do the rest. Say if you want text included or just the photos printed on their own. Digital proof included in the price, all photos will be included in the proof, and you then choose which ones you want in the finished bunting. Second sets of bunting are at our usual printing price. The photos will be returned to you safely and swiftly.

Serafina Keepsake Photo Printed Card BuntingTreasure this and bring it out every year, keep it up all year round, or it can be one of those magical moments going through possessions when moving house or clearing out the attic, finding this box of bunting and spending a happy half hour reminiscing each moment captured.

There are so many uses for this;

Wedding Bunting – a visual record of the years together before the biggest day.

Company Bunting – a great way to display team photos.

University Bunting – a record of those incredible years.

Holiday Bunting – the best bits of a fabulous trip captured and displayed.

A Dog’s life – the sweet, daft photos from tumbling puppy to wise old friend.

My First Year – a gift for grandparents, all the steps from zero to the grand old age of 1.

And so many more….

Email me for prices, which are based upon an artwork charge per number of photos, then a print and finish charge for each bunting set.